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Rider University is an active and engaged participant in the surrounding Mercer County community, and supports the work of , a nonprofit organization dedicated to making our town a vibrant "ecomunicipality". We are members of the NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability and the .

We are working with our external vendors to create a fully sustainable campus. In partnership with , we purchase offsets in the form of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to reduce our carbon footprint. Our REC initiative represents 13,500,000 kilowatt hours, or over 65% of our annual energy use, in Green-e certified national wind energy. We also purchase products and encourage individual departments to consider sustainability in their office products. Wherever possible, we try to adhere to (USGBC) LEED in construction.

We regularly complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory through a calculator provided by , called SIMAP. This information allows us to identify areas for improvement and monitor our progress towards 2050 carbon neutrality as agreed in the Carbon Commitment. You can do the same thing by calculating your carbon footprint using a calculator provided by the .

How can you reduce your environmental impact? Learn more about . Find produced and sold locally, starting with the ,  and the . Ride a bike instead of driving, sign up for clean power from PSE&G, or go for a nearby .

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