Technology Service Desk

Welcome to the Office of Information Technologies Technology Help Desk西藏11选5-篮球比分 (powered by EasyVista).

The service allows students, applicants, faculty and staff to submit a service request or report a problem西藏11选5-篮球比分 to OIT.  

The Help Desk is available via mobile devices allowing users to request help from cell phones and tablets or users can continue to reach OIT by phone, email or walk-in location

Guide to using the Technology Service Desk Tool

Use the self-service ‘HOW DO I?’ feature to search the IT knowledge base西藏11选5-篮球比分 to find solutions and answers to common technology problems and questions. 

Use the ‘I NEED SOMETHING’ feature when you need something from OIT. For example, event support, access to systems, software. 

Use the ‘SOMETHING IS BROKEN’ feature to report a problem with technology西藏11选5-篮球比分. For example, workstations or printer issues, Banner issues, no internet or nowires access, telephone not working. 

Use the ‘SEE MY REQUESTS’ feature to review past or current tickets

When you’re not sure if you have a request, a problem or just want to ask OIT something use the ‘NOT SURE? ASK A QUESTION’西藏11选5-篮球比分 to discuss with the Help Desk team. 

EasyVista Portal Screenshot

西藏11选5-篮球比分Campus Technology Service Technicians log in to the to manage tickets.